Houses Gallery Prints

The House Gallery was inspired by the events of 9/11. I had a tremendous feeling of helplessness. I couldn’t do anything to help, but what came to me, in the form of a metaphor, was the house. To me, the house represents safety, security, comfort, and community. 

A house is a physical place that serves the most basic of human needs. The memories and feelings associated with it and contained within its objects make it a home.

In 2002 my sisters and I helped move our parents out of their home of 50 years into a senior living community. My folks sat watching us pack, and they were having difficulty letting go of everything. Yet, letting go seemed to have a magical quality to it. They had to let go of so much to move on to their new home. They understood that freedom came as soon as they settled in. I‘ve used boxes within boxes to represent packing, some wrapped with twine and others not. I saw their furniture, garden, and knick-knacks and put them in the boxes. I used handmade paper, fragments of etchings, and found objects.

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