Generations Prints

It all started when I was teaching art therapy at George Washington University. The department of Art Therapy was moving its campus to a new location. Because it was a new space and they wanted to make it their own, they decided to decorate the walls with artworks from the faculty and students.

They put out a request to use an 8” x 8” canvas to make art. Responding to this request, I began combing through my boxes of print fragments, trying to think how I could work them into a small canvas.

Not being a painter, I found that I was at odds with this canvas assignment. But I became fascinated with the idea of working on canvas. Working and reworking the tiny fragments of prints, I produced a covered canvas, which I liked. After finishing the one for GWU, I was hooked on creating more, so I bought a few more canvases, ordered a few more, changed sizes, and kept on working. The count is 26 and growing.

As I sifted through the many boxes of my print fragments, a wonderful thing happened; I began to see a continuity in my work. It all pertained to the same theme; Birth, death, rebirth. I started recycling fragments of my old prints and collaging them onto canvases.

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