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We are all connected.

In 2020, COVID changed all our lives. For me, life stopped as I knew; no people, no shopping, and the gym was closed. To keep in shape, I began taking long walks and noticing my surroundings; birds, trees, streams, clouds, and while crossing the street, I even noticed the crosswalks.

Crosswalks that had once been painted white were dissolving into patterns and designs. I was intrigued by the patterns and started photographing them. The more I thought about their patterns, I began to see the similarities between the crumbling crosswalks and our lives during this crazy time. Crosswalks connect us to the other side of the street, our community, and each other.

Inspired by the crumbling crosswalks, my thoughts led me to experiment with solar plate etchings. This new project shows the interconnections these crosswalks created.

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