Project Description

Stone Gallery

A wide range of factors has influenced Terry’s art. Ancient mark-makers have left a legacy of images, symbols, and later monuments. She has focused on these, and at times, attempted to incorporate them into her own creative process. Also, having worked as an art therapist, Terry has discovered connectivity among images and symbols that seem to have cross-cultural links. In her art she strives to convey a sense of such connectivity; a flow from the past through the present and future and back again.

1.Stone Upon Stone 12 x 11”,  2.Picture in Time 18 x 11”,  3.Across Ages 24 x 18”,  4.Drawing in Stone 17 x 23”,  5.Stone Dreams x 4 12 x 12”,  6.Each Her Own Story 9 x 9”,  7.Life Choices 12 x 17”,  8.Multiple Images 12 x 9”,  9.Ruins Revisited 21 x 32”