Project Description

Generations Gallery

As Terry sifted through her many boxes of print fragments. a wonderful thing happened. She began to understand and see the continuity of her work. It all pertained to the same theme: “birth, death, rebirth,” is the process of her art. She began recycling fragments of her old prints and collaging them on to canvases, calling this series “The Unbroken Line”.

Large image is Generations XV 10 x 8″
1.Generations XVI 6 x 4”, 2.Generations X III 4 x 6”, 3.Generations XI 8 x 8”, 4.Generations X 10 x 8”, 5.Generations VIII 8 x 8”, 6.Generations VII 8 x 8”, 7.Generations IX 10 x 8”, 8.Generations IV 8 x 8”, 9.Generations II 8 x 8”, 10.Generations I 8 x 8”