About Terry Svat

“If we judge by what has been preserved through the ages, the first artists made images in an effort to communicate with the forces that had power over their lives. Perhaps their imagery was a talisman or prayer of sorts to ease their journey through life, helping them deal with their joys and life struggles.”

I never intended to be a printmaker. I started out painting, and I painted from 1958-1970. I do remember taking a printmaking semester in college, and I loved it, but I thought I was a painter.

When I began to catalog my work in 2016, I realized the profound effect the art classes I took as a child at the Cleveland Museum of Art had on my artwork. It gave me a better appreciation for the art and the culture surrounding us in the countries we lived in, such as Russia, Chile, Argentina, Panama, and Germany.

Colors III, Terry Svat 1970

Terry has found that deep reservoir and place within herself that connects to the ancient marks found on many objects throughout history.

 These raw primal marks have been used by souls to make sense of their lives and story, to leave proof of their existence in this world. She has soaked and lived in these images for years, worked and reworked to make them her own and developed her way to express them through printmaking.

Her human figures have an eerie other world quality, mostly faceless, floating, and ungrounded. Her houses seem to be in an unidentifiable place that leaves me wondering is that a space within myself?

All her images and rhythmic patterns based on universal symbols try to connect us to who and why we are. We take great interest and are fascinated with aliens who might visit us from afar, but do we ever think “we are the aliens” trying to embrace our existence in this life?

Terry’s work and esthetics invite me to that level of wonder and awe about my life and my relationship to creation.

Andis Applewhite

Artist / Printmaker

When I came back to the states in 1970, I was floundering. I didn’t know in which direction my art should go. I joined an art group and found that there was a printmaking workshop in the DC area. This was an ongoing workshop with a press, and I stayed on for many years.

In 1984 we were posted to Panama. While there, I wanted to continue my work and was looking for a press. I found one at the Panama Canal College and ended up teaching printmaking there while using their press.

After the tour in Panama and back at the printmaker's workshop, I began the work that is now in my Huaca Gallery. It was then that I began viscosity printing. Take a look!

Terry's Huaca Gallery

In 1988 our lives found us in Munich, Germany. There I was lucky and found a workshop that also used viscosity printing. I was just where I needed to be! While living in Munich, the Berlin Wall came down, which inspired the work that is now in the Wall and Stone gallery.

In 1990 we returned to the states, and I found myself thinking about the power of art and all the good it can do. I heard about an art therapy master’s program at George Washington University, and I applied. A few years later, with my new degree, I began working as an art therapist and saw first-hand how our art can help us explore our issues by telling a story. It was during that time my Generations Gallery came into being.

In 2016 we lost our lease of 23+ years at our studio workshop. I was sadly forced to bring my press (I bought it in 2000) and all my art and supplies home.

We built a studio in our home.

Once settled in I got creative and started making 3-D pieces,  painting benches, and making books.

In 2020 COVID hit, and Crosswalks Gallery was created.

Here we are today, and I am opening my digital gallery for you to enjoy and shop.