Iona Senior Services has provided the community-based services, solutions, and relief that make aging well possible. Their mission is to support older adults and
caregivers through the opportunities and challenges of aging. They work throughout the Greater Washington, DC area and beyond to educate, advocate, and provide community-based services to help people age well and live well. Each year they select 3-6 artists (ages 65 and older) to be artists in residence and exhibit a retrospective of their life’s works.

June 10, 2013, 90 of Terry’s prints were installed in the Gallery at IONA. Taking a look back at the work and seeing where it led her, turned out to be a very useful and exciting exercise.

During that time Terry became friends with Patricia DuBroof who is the artistic director of IONA. It was through the IONA connection that Terry heard about the jurying for Art Cart.

See photo (Terry with Patricia DuBroof who is the artistic director of IONA- Where she had her retrospective in 2013)