Terry Svat

Introspective, Contemporary Hand-Pulled Prints

D.C. Area Artist, Terry Svat, Captures the Elements in Life

For the past 35 years, I have sold my art through galleries across the country. During the gallery openings, I was able to talk to people and share my stories about the art. COVID ended all gallery exhibits, which triggered my decision to enter the digital world where my work can be seen and purchased by everyone. I have included stories in each of the galleries sharing how the art came to be.

Terry’s works are an inquiry into the efforts by past mark makers in other societies while trying to encourage an interaction with current life forces.

Praise for Terry's Work

Pam Hoyle


Each of Svat’s images merit in depth iconographic examination, but it is every bit as satisfying to enjoy the work by just being with it and letting it speak, as so many mark makers have spoken to printmaker Terry Svat.

Susan Due Pearcy


It is said that an artist should work with what she knows intimately and we can thank Svat for sharing insight of her current phase of life through this moving exhibit.